Q2E - CRM/Project Management App, 2016

Q2E was a project management and CRM application that was conceptualized from scratch.

Nicole served as a project manager, helping the stakeholders to document their business requirements, and then figure out a scope and schedule for the project. She then functioned as a UX lead, determining the strategy for the front end design, and developing personas to match user stories to. After some research, she then sketched out a high level view of the application interface, which she handed off to a junior UX person to fill in with details in wireframe format. Once the product took shape, Nicole managed the process of setting up user testing via Validate.ly, and analyzed the resulting reports in order to revise and refine the prototype. Once it was solid, she managed the handoffs to the visual designer and the developers.

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Our thoughts

This was my first formal experience as a Project Manager, leading a team of six people who were distributed all over the globe. It was a challenge to keep everyone on the same page and keep the higher level vision from the business in mind while working on smaller pieces of the product.